aespa Live Tour 2023 – ‘SYNK: HYPER LINE’ in Miami Recap

On August 22, aespa held their concert in the heart of downtown Miami. Karina, Winter, NingNing, and Giselle powered through the heat to deliver an electrifying show.

The concert took place on a Tuesday. Perhaps not the most ideal day for a concert, but we understand the complexities of logistics when it comes to booking venues and dates. We’re simply grateful that aespa chose to perform in Miami.

Before the show:

We arrived a few hours before doors opened. We didn’t have a VIP package or anything. We had a standard ticket that we purchased back in May. VIP ticket holders were alraedy lined up. But non VIPs had the freedom to walk around, there was no line for us yet. Luckily there was free shaved ice being offered, curtesy of aespa. It was perfect considering how hot it was outside.

We gladly got our shaved ice and waited around the hotel lobby (which was attached to the venue).

An hour later security was setting up tables and a few people gathered around to form a line so we joined. Security started checking attendees right on time as well as scanning tickets. Once we got in we went directly to the merchandise booth.

Merch is often a concert stressor—pricey, long lines, rapid sell-outs. It’s a gamble. However, we did get the tour shirts and a lightstick.

PRO TIP: Before attending any concert, research the type of merch they’ll be selling for that tour. Also look up the prices too. Twitter / X, is the perfect place to get that info. UNLESS your city is the first stop on the tour. Then you’ll find out about the merch and prices on the spot.

Our seating location wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best either. We were situated towards the middle—not too close to the front, yet not all the way at the back either. Next time, we’ll ensure to secure seats closer to the stage.

During this time, they showcased aespa’s episodes on the large screens. For those who weren’t familiar with aespa’s storyline, this provided a perfect opportunity to catch up and learn about it.

After an hour and a half the lights went down, lightsticks went up, and the music started.

During the concert:

The show started with a VCR followed by each members’ ae (their virtual avatar) dancing on screen. Then the members walked out on stage.

Girls, aenergy, Savage

Their performance began with ‘Girls,’ followed by ‘aenergy’ and ‘Savage.’ No pun intended, but the energy was truly spectacular! It was the perfect way to launch the night. The members executed the full choreography flawlessly, and their vocals were spot-on. Dressed in pink outfits embellished with diamonds and glitter, they shone on stage. Notably, Winter owned the stage during ‘Girls’ with an electric guitar solo, showcasing her inner rockstar.

To whoever crafted the setlist, a massive THANK YOU.

Karina solo, Illusion, Thirsty, Lucid Dreams, Dreams Come True

After another VCR played, Karina graced the stage for her solo performance. She skillfully performed the song through vocals and dance. She proved that she can own the stage with ease. The other members subsequently joined her, and together they performed ‘Illusion’, ‘Thirsty’, ‘Lucid Dreams’, and ‘Dreams Come True’. Amidst this performance series, they took the time to greet the audience and introduce themselves.

Starting this set with Karina’s solo, followed by ‘Illusion’, and ending it with the bright and timeless classic of ‘Dreams Come True’ was great. This sequence felt like a journey, transitioning from a dream-like state to a sweet and hopeful reality.

Winter solo, Life’s Too Short, Welcome to My World, Don’t Blink

Winter performed a beautiful ballad. Her voice was soft and sincere. This song could easily be an OST. From a rockstar to a ballad singer Winter proved she can tackle different genres and concepts seamlessly. This raises questions about what type of music she might explore in a potential solo debut. The same curiosity extends to the rest of the members and their future solo work, given aespa’s showcased versatility throughout the concert.

‘Life’s Too Short’, ‘Welcome to My World’, and ‘Don’t Blink’, are very different songs but the members nailed every performance.

Giselle solo, Yeppi Yeppi, Yolo, Hold On Tight, Spicy, Better Things

Giselle’s solo performance showcased her attitude and charisma. The members joined her on stage and they performed ‘Yeppi Yeppi’. This track is absolutely fun and it’s a definite party vibe. The seamless fusion of ‘Yeppi Yeppi’ with ‘Yolo’, complete with an audience lightstick dance, created an engaging and unforgettable moment. The burst of confetti during this segment was a delightful surprise too.

Following this, they performed their OST for the movie ‘Tetris’—’Hold On Tight’. The song carries a haunting yet beautiful sound. Wrapping up this segment, they delivered ‘Spicy’ and ‘Better Things’. Even though ‘Better Things’ is aespa’s most recent release, the crowd loudly sang along. It’s an anthem and it’s full of summer vibes. ‘Better Things’ is another highlight of the night for us.

NingNing solo, Salty and Sweet, Next Level, Black Mamba

NingNing’s solo performance was full of style and it was super catchy. ‘Salty and Sweet’ served as a fantastic transition to the next two powerhouse songs. Among these, ‘Next Level’ stood out as another crowd favorite. However, it was inevitable that nothing could surpass their debut track, the performance everyone had been eagerly anticipating—the one that marked the beginning of aespa—’Black Mamba’.

During their performance of ‘Black Mamba’ their ae (virtual avatars) were prominently displayed on the screens behind them. This large-scale display was flawlessly synchronized with the members’ dancing. Seeing and hearing aespa perform ‘Black Mamba’ live is a core memory that we’ll reminisce for years to come.


The members exited the stage, and the final VCR was played. Following this, engaging challenges appeared on screen. The camera would pan to random audience members who danced along to the music. This segment maintained the audience’s engagement while waiting for the members to return.

Then the members came back donning their tour merch. They performed ‘Till We Meet Again’ and ‘ICU’. The members spent this time interacting with the audience, taking selfies on their phones, and picking up stuffed toys that were thrown on stage. Just like every great concert, the ending was bittersweet.

Final thoughts

aespa’s vocals, stage presence, and intriguing concept was prominent throughout the night. They had a perfect fusion of energetic anthems, heartfelt ballads, and powerhouse performances. What truly sets aespa apart is their unique concept—debuting with a storyline that merges virtual reality with the real world. The seamless blend of this concept with the members’ stellar performances contributed to an unforgettable evening.

While the concert was great, we hoped in their encore stage they would’ve added one more performance of either ‘Girls’, ‘aenergy’, ‘Better Things’, or even a remix version of ‘Black Mamba’.

Our sole wish is for aespa to make a return to Miami, so we can relive the concert all over again.