Breaking News: Hwasa Leaves RBW for P NATION – What’s Next?

Hwasa, the multi-talented, charismatic, and fabulous member of MAMAMOO, bid farewell to her long-time agency RBW and joined PSY’s company, P NATION.

Now we’re all wondering what this means for her solo career and how it will impact her role within MAMAMOO.

Hwasa officially signed her contract live on stage during PSY’s Summer Swag concert on June 30, right before performing her hit song ‘Maria’. Her decision to sign her contract during PSY’s concert was a bold statement. It’s something we haven’t quite seen done before. This moment served as an incredible show of trust and confidence she has in PSY’s vision for her future as a solo artist. It certainly helps that the atmosphere of the concert amplified the excitement surrounding her joining P NATION.

While we’re excited for Hwasa’s decision to sign with P NATION, we can’t help but worry a bit. Mostly because of recent departures from the agency. Notably, renowned artists such as Jessi, HyunA, and Dawn all left P NATION. This leads to question the stability and longevity of Hwasa’s venture with the company.

However, we remind ourselves that every artists’s journey is unique, and their decisions are influenced by various factors. Hwasa’s talent, dedication, and the agency’s commitment to artist freedom could create a different dynamic, enabling her to thrive in this new environment.

We hope this move will propel her solo carer to new heights, allowing her to explore diverse musical genres, collaborate with industry-leading producers, and unleash her creative vision. Yes, she is still with MAMAMOO and P NATION will support her activities with the group.

And with that we say, “You go Queen!”

Image via Hwasa’s Instagram.