Get Ready to ‘MOVE’ with Treasure’s New Subunit T5

Get ready everyone, Treasure just debuted their first subunit T5. The group’s highly anticipated subunit comprising the talented members Junghwan, Junkyu, Jihoon, Jaehyuk, and Doyoung. Their electrifying debut single
“MOVE” has catchy beats and energetic choreography that’ll get you moving. This song also serves as a pre-release for Treasure’s much-awaited comeback in late July.

In a surprising turn of events, prior to T5’s debut YG himself shared a video unveiling the grand plans for Treasure’s comeback. It seems like the company will be more hands on with Treasure’s activities. We’re hopeful the group will no longer be mismanaged but will be a priority for the company – giving them frequent comebacks and promoting them properly.

“MOVE” is an irresistible dance track that immediately grabs your attention. The track exudes an undeniable sexiness that sets it apart from Treasure’s previous releases. This proves that the group is embracing a new level of maturity and artistry. From its pulsating beats, smooth base, vocals, to the slick choreography, the song showcases the group’s synchronization and charisma. What’s even more impressive is that Junkyu actively participated in writing the song, adding his unique touch to the group’s creative process.

Unlike typical comebacks or debuts, T5 released the dance practice video first then a week later released the music video. It’s a unique way of introducing the public to the subunit and song. Now we’re wondering if YG will take an unconventional route when it comes to Treasure’s upcoming comeback too.

As we eagerly await Treasure’s full album, this pre-release single leaves us hungry for more. We’re certain the group’s comeback will be an exhilarating musical journey that will captivate listeners worldwide and we can’t wait.