EXO Drops Second Pre-Release Track “Hear Me Out” A Chill R&B Masterpiece

Can you believe EXO’s comeback is almost a week away?

EXO is gearing up for the release of their 7th album ‘EXIST’, which will be released July 10. This marks the group’s first comeback since their song, “Don’t Fight The Feeling” back in 2021. With a two-year gap between releases, we are anticipating this comeback to be iconic.

As a precursor to the album launch, EXO recently released their second pre-release track, “Hear Me Out.” This chill R&B song showcases the group members’ vocals more than anything. We love that in this track all the members’ vocals are heard, not just the main vocalists. In particular we really enjoyed Chanyeol and Sehun’s verses.

The music video for “Hear Me Out” brings a playful twist to the concept of time and repetition. The video shows the EXO members chilling and hanging out at home together, but with a surreal twist – time seems to be broken. Each day, they wake up at exactly 10:45 AM, reliving the same day. But eventually Baekhyun takes matters into his own hands and breaks a clock. We can only assume he ended the time loop.

In contrast to their previous pre-release track, “Let Me In,” the “Hear Me Out” music video opts for a more playful and fun atmosphere. The members’ camaraderie shines through as they navigate the time loop with humor and charm. The use of muted colors in the video adds a layer of coziness and nostalgia, further enhancing the song’s chill vibe.

The release of “Hear Me Out,” only adds to the intrigue surrounding the group’s 7th album ‘EXIST.’ Time is a core theme in both pre-release videos and we hope to see the continuation (or conclusion) to this interesting storyline.

Although EXO’s comeback is only nine days away we are concerned their company, SM Entertainment, isn’t marketing this comeback as much as they should. We’ve seen online that EXO-L’s are also concerned for the group’s promotion. SM has yet to unveil the actual title of the title track – or a track list. Pre-save and pre-order links haven’t been posted on official socials. EXO-L’s seem to be doing most of the marketing.

Even though we are grateful to get TWO pre-release tracks and music videos, we hope SM knows what they’re doing.

Regardless of what SM does, or doesn’t do – it is safe to say that “Let Me In” and “Hear Me Out” serves as a good sign of what is to come. We hope that EXO’s ‘EXIST’ will be an album that we’ll have on repeat.

Are you excited for EXO’s 7th album ‘EXIST’? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to mark your calendars for their comeback on July 10!