News Break: Treasure Signs with Columbia Records, Seungkwan Takes a Break, and OMEGA X Signs with New Agency

Happy Monday everyone. The start of the week means new announcements. Here’s what’s going on in Kpop today.

Treasure’s new partnership.

YG Entertainment’s boy group Treasure has signed a partnership contract with Columbia Records, a renowned American record label. This is ahead of their highly anticipated comeback, which they just announced will be July 28.

This new partnership will opens doors to the international market. It finally looks like YG Entertainment is investing more seriously in the group’s promotion. Ever since their debut in 2020, we have been wanting to see Treasure expand globally. Now with this partnership it’s possible Treasure will be able to captivate a broader audience. We’re also expecting / hoping Treasure albums will be available in U.S. stores like Target and Barnes & Noble.

Seungkwan will take a break.

Pledis Entertainment announced that Seventeen’s main vocalist Seungkwan will be taking a break. After visiting the hospital, medical staff advised him to prioritize rest and recovery to ensure his well-being.

As a result, Seungkwan will not be participating in several upcoming events, including the Tencent Music Entertainment Awards, a fan signing event in China, and Seventeen’s ‘FOLLOW’ tour in Seoul. The agency reassured fans that Seungkwan’s health remains their top priority, and they will provide all necessary support for his recovery.

This is a reminder that artists are human too, and their well-being should be a priority. We wish Seungkwan all the best and hope he takes all the time he needs to recover.

OMEGA X is finally in a new agency.

After a tumultuous time in their previous agency we’re beyond happy for OMEGA X to find a new agency.

They signed a deal with IPQ Entertainment which specializes in IP production. The agency’s focus on intellectual property production gives a cool opportunity for the group to explore various avenues in the entertainment industry beyond music. The agency plans to focus on the group’s activities but also individual member’s solo ventures too.

Hearing OMEGA X is signing with a new agency feels like watching your best friend leave a toxic relationship and start a healthy one. We hope IPQ Entertainment will treat the members with the utmost respect they deserve and genuinely help them grow their careers.

As more news breaks, we’ll be here to keep you informed and engaged with our weekly updates. Until next time, stay curious, stay informed, and stay connected!

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