Stray Kids Give an Outstanding Performance at the VMAs with S-Class

Now, this was a PERFORMANCE! Stray Kids performed ‘S-Class’ at the VMAs. Their vocals, rap, dance, and overall stage presence was on point.

Stray Kids rightfully earned the award Best Kpop at the VMAs and this performance proved it. The members performed with so much energy and passion throughout the song.

‘S-Class’ is the title track of the group’s third studio album 5-STAR. The album has the songs: Hall of Fame, 특(S-Class) – title track, ITEM, Super Bowl, TOPLINE (feat. Tiger JK), DLC, GET LIT, Collision, FNF, Youthful, THE SOUND (Korean ver.), and Mixtape: Time Out.

This album showcases the group’s powerful talents in vocal and rap. They recently released their first Japan ep, which includes the songs ‘Social Path’ and ‘Super Bowl’. 

Make sure to stay tuned for Stray Kids next comeback!