TXT and Anitta Bring the Heat to the VMAs with Their Performance of ‘Back For More’

TXT and Anitta collaborated for an electrifying performance of the group’s new song ‘Back For More’. More than anything this stage felt like an homage to Michael Jackson, with signature dance moves and vocals.

The members were synchronized and precise in their performance. Anitta added her own unique musical color into the song making this collaboration even more memorable.

Earlier in the evening TXT won their first VMA award for Push Performance of the Year and rightfully so!

TXT released their 5th ep The Name Chapter: Temptation. Their title track ‘Sugar Rush Ride’ was a unique, fun, and haunting song. They released it on January 27, 2023. Since then the group has released a single ‘Do It Like That’ in collaboration with the Jonas Brothers. As well as a Japanese album on July 4, 2023.

The group is preparing for a full comeback on October 13. The album will be called The Name Chapter: FREEFALL. Make sure to mark your calendars!